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Project Description

CSharpLogger (as in our jargon is common to say) is yet another log tool that I've been using for approximately 6 years. The first version I developed was in 2006 if remember well and I guess the only thing remains of that version is the name. I have made many changes since then an I guess I'll continue making changes. I just have enhanced the code under my scenarios and under the development skills I have acquired through the time. I'd like to add more features and keep it simple to use.

I decided to share the project in order to improve it and help to who is looking for a easy to use log tool. 

If you want join me as collaborator you're welcome.  If you just want to use it, go ahead and happy coding! :)

I know that out there there are many useful log tools but I have kept developing this project for two basic reasons:

  1. It has been helpful in my projects
  2. Is a way to improve my coding skills and implement new features of C# language.

This first public version was developed using Factory and Singleton Design Pattern. I was looking for the best practices for developing a log tool and I attempt to apply them at 100% in my code.

By the time, I'll be updating the documentation and the code.

For now, the logger just log information to a text file (FileLogger). I'm working on DBLogger, EmailLogger and EventViewerLogger

I expect in the next release the 4 Loggers be available.

In the meantime, Happy Coding!

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